A Little Goes A Long Way...

When I was little...I do tell lies.  I knew they were lies but yet I will say it for the sake of not getting punished.  There are times the lies will pull me thru but there are times, I get caught.

When I was 16, I remember I told a lie so that I could go out to meet my then bf.  I knew for a fact that if I don't tell lies..there is no way my mum will allow me to go out.  I got caught and was punished badly.  My kind of punishment is not just as simple as no allowance for a week or no tv, or no going out with friends.  I was beaten with a thick bamboo stick by my sister.  I still remember how I see blood on my hand and thigh.  My mum just allow it to happened cos to her I deserved the punishment.

To me, I got used to the beating since I was 5 years old. Only difference is the beating gets harder and harder each time.  The punishment I got when I turn 16 was the most painful beating I have ever felt.  That moment I knew I had to fight back and I did.

The more I grow up..the lesser lies I tell cos I know they will never beat me again and I dont' need to tell lil lies to avoid being punished.

Today, honesty is still on my top list.  No longer do I need to tell lies to avoid the beatings.  I am now free to do whatever I want and no longer with any fear of a bamboo stick anymore.

Eternal Eternal
31-35, F
1 Response Nov 15, 2009

Yikes... I don't like the story, sorry that happened... ever more sorry to have followed tep to hear the same thing...<br />
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