I Like To Be Honest.... :)

I am possiby too honest for my own good, I think people take advantage of me because of this..... it makes me more garded and untrusting, this I don't like........  I have had hurtfull things said to me by peolpe who shouldn't be saying ****  in the first place, and then told I should have taken no notice.......It's up to people to say what they mean not for me to work if they mean it or not if ya get me??

I diversify.......  I like to be honest and i'm sure my friend's like me to be and I like my friend's to be too too......   :)

jesterjarhead jesterjarhead
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3 Responses Feb 21, 2010

Thank you both of you....... Kisses and Hugs.... XXX

I agree with smyliebean!!

It was no one on EP just the past that's all.... :)