After The First Time

continuation of The first time it happened

After my first experiance with diapers, after i was potty trained, I didnt wear anymore cuz my mom wouldnt let me. I thought about wearing all the time and would take diapers from anywhere i could get them and even get some out of the changing station in the restroom of the ones that had them. I would also use towels and things like that so i could wet and kinda get that same feeling but it wasnt the same, i longed to have real diapers to wear all the time but i couldnt cuz my mom wouldnt let me. as the years went by i thought about when i was able to drive and what the first thing i would do and the answer to that is i would go buy some diapers. That is exactly what i did, the first day after i got my drivers license I went to the store and bought a pack of diapers, after i payed for them and left the store i went to my truck and opened the package up and put my nose up to the open pack and took a big long sniff of the fresh diapers. I wanted one on right then so i drove to a gas station and took one of the diapers out and hid it under my shirt and went straight into the restroom and locked the door and started taking my shoes, pants and underwear off as fast as i could. As soon as I get undressed i put the diaper on and tape it on nice and tight and it felt so amazing, I was in heaven. I put my clothes back on and walked out of the gas station with the biggest smile on my face, i went straight home to hide the rest of my newly bought treasures. On the way home i tried wetting the diaper but i couldnt for some reason so when i got home i drank 3 big glasses of water and just waited. After about 15 minutes i was about to bust but stil couldnt wet the diaper so i went and stood infront of the toilet and just relaxed adn soon I felt relief and a warm sensation, I was wetting my first diaper since i had been potty trained, I was so happy. i stayed in my wet diaper for a little bit then changed into a fresh one before my parents got home and wore it all night and when i woke up the next morning i had to pee and started to get up and remembered what i was wearing and i tried to wet it. At first i couldnt wet but I relaxed and pictured myself infront of the toilet and soon i was wetting my diaper again.

thats all for now hope you all enjoy it. 
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sorry about the bad spelling i was in a hurry