ever since i was about 8 i just wanted to wear diapers. they felt so good against my skin. and just wearing them made me feel good. not having to worry about going to the toilet. i am now 21 and i still waer them. peeing in them feels so good i want to meet people that feel the same way i do about diapers. its fair to say im in love with diapers.
ilovetowet ilovetowet
18-21, M
2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

I started wearing nappies because I still regularly wet my bed but soon found I enjoyed wearing them. I have started to wear them more often during the day now. It is so nice to just pee as soon as you feel the need without holding at all. I am still not entirely comfortable with wearing them in public but I know that if I keep wearing and wetting them more often I will probably have no choice.

i was your age too and did same thing now iam 56 still enjoy wearing em love it mmmmmmmmmmmmmm