Jacked Up On the Juice

I was introduced to Mona Vie last month and there's no turning back. It is a fruit drink that has 19 different fruits in it. The best fruit in it is the acai berry. I'm sure you've gotten junk email about acai cleanses. The fruit is really good. My husband and I buy it by the case. It comes in a snazzy bottle, so we break it out when we have guests over. We don't drink and the bottle looks like a wine bottle. When we tell our friends it's just juice they get disappointed until they taste it! Mona Vie has many health perks, but I personally guzzle it down because it tastes amazing. www.whoisdarriusrhymes.com

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7 Responses Mar 20, 2009

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Our Family and Friends LOVE MonaVie too! Get Jacked on the Juice. We are feeling and eating better. Sleeping so much better as well. It works. http://4gr8health.mymonavie.com/

Thanks for sharing guys, I am into this product too. Let me know if anyone can or have testimonies to share. It really is healthy drink and my family all loved it.

Very nice post you got here. thanks<br />
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MonaVie is great. I started drinking it about a month ago and was very skeptical about it, but I am seeing great results. <br />
Sleeping better, and no acid reflux!

I am glad you shared this story! I had heard of Mona Vie but I never knew what it was! Now I want to try it! LOL

it taste really good my mom actually sells it and so she has let me try it.