hi everyone im 22 years old and feel hopeless.i dont know where i am going in a college student that have to finish college so i can at least know i accomplish one thing in my life.i never had a boyfriend.People tell me that im beautiful but i honestly i dont think so at like a confuse puppy thats lost in the world.ive been hurt so many times from guys who didnt want a relationship and i was fool to believe them.i dont want to even get married i just want someone to trust in a relationship.Yea, i know you guys are tired of hearing this from women each and every tired too.Guys just see me as their toy.the funny thing is im not searching but they search for me.People always say let love find you except all im finding is misery attached. Thats one of my problems the other one is College i started college when  i was 18 and now im 22 and have about 2-3 years left for school and i feel like im left behind because i wanted to graduate at 22 years old due to my tuition raising to $42,000 now financially im not able to finish my registered nurse degree on time.i know 25 is not old but still i feel some sort of way.i feel disappointed in myself.i feel like the life i planned when i was a little girl wasnt reality at learning something about myself every single day.i dont want to disappoint my parents.its like im not living my life at all im living life through just all over the place right now.i wish i can just get a year to travel or clear my mind and try to figure out what i really want in head is spinning like a toilet paper sad to say it but its true ...........................
scarless21 scarless21 22-25, F 1 Response Sep 27, 2011

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Ok so take a year off and get your head cleared.You need to change your life course for a bit to enjoy life.It sounds like you are stressed out and did not allow yourself to enjoy life.

Even girls that are not beautiful have bf's but you are beautiful so it has to be something else.

I hope you perhaps visit a therapist and talk things out and see what a professional thinks.Thanks for sharing your story,hang in there all is not lost.