High Heel Fix

Just lately all I think of is high heels. I love wearing them and I am very lucky I can squeeze into a UK size 6 (my wife's size) although when buying for my self I buy a 7. I'm not sure how many pairs I have as I have them stashed about everywhere but it must be 50+. Even when I am not able to wear them I often walk as if I have them on i.e. getting out of the shower and such like.
At the moment I have my toenails painted bright red so every time I get undressed I get an incredible urge to put some high heels on.
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You have quite a number of scrpe. all must be a beautiful and sensual.

hi ! that is a bunch ! congratulations ! i understand about the painted nails and heels ! :-)

Me tto!

My wife and me both wearing high heels and the size is same.......I have a nice collection of heels and at home I am always wearing 5 inch heels.

so lucky


Wow, bet your red toes look great in sheer hose and heels...mmmm...one of my favorites.

i understand completly

Your lucky to be able to fit into your wife's shoes and commonly buy them in your size. I am jealous.

I have big feet in men's sizes too so I am forced to but all my heels from places that carry slutty cross dressers heels. Oh wait, I guess that fits for more than one reason LOL

I love my heels and try to wear them everyday I just wish I could go out shopping in them.
The girls at my favourite payless know they are for me and I like to try them on before I buy.
I have worn them out of the store on a few occasions.......that is lots of fun.

I'm a size 7 too,I only have 5 pairs of heels,I'd love to try them on before I buy,but I haven't got the nerv