I Am Hurt But Hoping

You always catch my attention by making me mad and make fun of me everyday. I am excited to go to work because I will see you everyday. You sometimes told me in front of our officemates that you know I like you and I just don't want to admit it. I am embarrassed that's why I am trying to hide it. The more my feelings developed the more I became unhappy with my work. I always think of you and got jealous whenever you're with other girls.I can't take the pain and insecurity anymore that's why I resigned. When I resigned the more I miss you, That's why I told you I like you but you never told me you like me too. I am madly in love with you and hurting but you don't know it, Because you always ignore the feelings I have for you. I still have the attention you gave just like before, but I need more and I want to feel your mine. This brakes my heart and miss you more. My mind tells me to stay away from you because I know you have no feelings for me, but my heart says stay and have hope. I don't know now what to do, I can't stay away from you.
cherrymaya cherrymaya
31-35, F
Apr 30, 2012