Advice For A Debilitated Boyfriend.

Recently I had a cheated my girlfriend. My whole story is EP Link I felt very very guilty of doing so and I told my self that whatever I have done its my mistake and I will do anything to get back to all the lost integrity. I am very much thankful to God first of all to change her mind and salvaging me . So as of now all is good. But i need suggestions from you guys for the below two points.

1) After my gf forgave me, and she is talking to me well, but she keeps reminding me the fact that, i had sent such msges to some other gals despite being in love.She makes me realize during chats or phone calls and connects any of my statements to being a pervert and womanizer. She makes me realize that I am a sinner. I initially for one or two instances felt angry than, i started feeling guilty. It made me feel worse, I for a second, had a thought to commit suicide but aborted that idea. I have realized my mistake and i am a better person now. I absolutely dont know what to do in this case. She belongs to a different religion than mine and we can never get married with our parents concern, the only option i have is to elope. I have all the changes to abscond from her. But i really love this gal and hence I am ready to face anything it takes me to.

2) We had this problem since a long time. My gf gets mad at me very very soon for meaningless reasons.She gets mad at me, even though there is no mistake of mine. But she realizes it and talks to me ( most of the times she initiates the talks) but by that time, i get angry and irritated which inturn is adding considerably to my existing problems and tensions. I earlier thought its communication problem, but slowly i realized its understanding problem.

Thanks in advance for helping me guys .
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26-30, M
Sep 11, 2012