Well Maybe Not

How many partners have you had?
For the record a French author (Simenon), claimed 10,000 over a lifetime
My pal has lived in Asia for 45 years, ( he is a Yorkshireman), and at age 65 still takes a minimum of 4 girls home per week, sometimes double and triple headers.
Doing the math and averaging 5, as he did more as a younger man, 45x52x5
= 11,700.

He probably took the same girl more than once, so perhaps half that figue, the say 5,000.

He is still going strong, is a fitness fanatic and a dozen or so girls have "pulled" him.

My score is probably half of his.

He carried me to the BJ bars when I was incapacitated..that's what you call friendship.
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Nov 28, 2012