Cream Pie

I have always bi since a very young age and had lots of fun until marriage. Dont get me wrong she loves to **** like a rabbit. She goes from catholic school girl to **** star at the site of ****. but thats it shes not really kinky which has been tough on me. She always suspected that i liked **** but never got proof. Well they other night we were laying on the livingroom floor all hot and sweaty, she had two loads dripping out of her. I got rock hard staring at her hot freshly ****** *****, so i grabbed my **** to stroke it and our love juice was all over it so it started to lick it off. she looked over her shoulder and laughed "i new you liked ***". she told me to finnish what i started as she licked my **** clean then kissed me hard. she pulled away, layed down spread her legs and just smiled. i sucked and licked her sweeet *** and my saltly load out of her till she pulled me on top of her and we ****** like animals as she sucked on my tounge clean. Well needless to say shes a lot more open to different things lately, she even let me rim her tight little *******...and she loved it. ok now i need to get myself off.
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3 Responses Nov 29, 2012

Very hot and delicious story!!! That is great that she is opening up like that so enthusiastically.

I would like to do the same with my wife, **** her until i fill her ***** with *** and then have her sit on my face so that i can eat her ***** and drink our juices.

Good story. You need to open up your wife's horizons.