At The Opticians

last week i went to the opticians to have my eyes tested. under my normal clothes i was wearing a large disposable nappy, a pair of pink rubber pants and a onsie which fastened at the crotch and had a lovely picture of tigger on the front of it.  i had my eyes tested by a female optician who was attractive and wearing glasses which made her look even sexier and the blouse and skirt she was wearing showed what firm looking breasts and bottom she has. as i followed her into the exam room it was all i could do not to stare at her lovely *** and when i was sat just a couple of feet away from her i had to stare at the wall or ceiling to stop myself staring at he breasts. i could feel myself getting an erection and was glad my nappy would stop it showing.
as she was testing my eyes i wet myself and i felt my **** filling my nappy i had mixed thought. i began fantasizing about what her reaction would be if she knew what i was wearing and that i had wet myself. part of me felt slightly embarrassed and ashamed at the thought of her finding out and yet part of me was excited and getting turned on at the idea of her discovering my secret. i fantasized that she stood up and went to the door and i started to stand up expecting her to tell me to leave, instead she locked the door then stood in front of me and to my surprise she pressed a hand against my groin and asked me, "are you wearing a nappy?"
when i did not answer she said, " it certainly feels like it and i bet you are wet."
she told me to stand up and had me take my coat off followed by my shirt and trousers. when she saw my onsie she smiled and said, "nice"
she pulled the press studs open and removed my onsie followed by my rubber pants. she she rubbed my erect **** through my wet nappy then asked me if i had a fresh nappy she could change me into. i said that i had one in my back pack. she then removed her skirt and blouse saying she did not want to get them creased or marked. she was left wearing a white bra and a white thong. she un did the ties on my nappy and let it fall to the floor. she then sat down and had my lay across her lap and smacked my bare arse giving me six strokes before quickly putting my fresh nappy on me and telling me to get dressed as she herself got dressed. when we were both dressed she finished my eye exam and lead me to the display of glasses and said some one would be over soon to help me pick and order my new glasses.
as i stood waiting i again wet my self and as i was walking home i wet again and only just made it to my room before my nappy began to leak. 
i did wet my nappy three times altogether while at the opticians but unfortunately the part where she ******** and smacked and remapped me did not happen. 
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