Wife Is Dating Her Ex Boyfriend

My wife Kathy and her ex- now current boyfriend Eric ( please read my on going updates) have been dating now for nearly 3 months. Before we married, nearly four years ago, Kathy was pre-engaged or exclusive with Eric. They had major fight, over a broken condom, while they were apart, I stepped in and the rest was history.

Now chance, has brought them together. Eric was transfered by his company to our area and he contacted her through one of her friends and I encouraged her to see him and they began to rekindle the fire. Now they are on a vacation trip to the Bahama's as a birthday present to him.

I would really like to hear from other husbands who let or like myself encouraged your bride to date other guys and all the myriad of special problems that could arise from this very special relationship.

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well, I've encouraged mine to date other men from the beginning...I lived 7 years worth of knowing other men were taking my girl out and also taking her to bed. During that time she has taken 1-2 week vacations to her fb's place out of state.. As always there are many risks in letting your girl play as if she were single. In my case, Ive allowed her to fully date someone and become exclusive and now I'm having trouble getting her alone, she wants the two of us but he's not into sharing!

I'll be the first to admit though, it was super sexy seeing the girl I love locked down with another man.. knowing shes yours but more or less his physically and well her time is his as she lives with him.

Have really been enjoying your stories! Any updates from the vacationers yet?

i have been following..whats happened?

Did she tell you everything she did with your friend? Were you home alone? I cannot explain it entirely, but I get this one of a kind excitement or thrill, knowing that the woman I love could be carrying the child of my main rival. Did you encourage her to date and was it special to have guy she was sleeping with be your friend. <br />
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As mentioned in another comment, my wife is leaving with her married lover later this summer. Spending three nights together..she will be taking the camera and video, and they will be far away from his home and ours to be open in public..and he is black too...adds to the excitement.