This Is My Desire

It is my greatest wish that my wife meet up again with this one guy with whom she had a very hot and steamy affair about 6 years ago.

She was just so different during that time - I believe he managed to get her to let go completely and live out as the incredible sexual being she is.

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I have written several stories about my wife contacting and meeting former boyfriends of hers, with the intent that she have sex with tem again. It did work out with two of her previous lovers, one being married at the time, and still married. I get hard just watching while she emails one of them and chats on line with him. I love seeing how the man tells her what he enjoyed doing different things with her in the past, and how he looks forward too being with her again. My wife gets very embarrassed as I read about the things she did with her married boyfriend (some rather kinky).<br />
I have told her that I find her adventures exciting to read about, and enjoy it when she comes home telling me of the things she did with him earlier in the evening. She knows I enjoy her adventures, so she goes along with me and meets up with him occassionally.

I am in synch with Icubus' earlier comment with respect to reacting to an affair. If something is happening behind your back it will very likely turn into a fight or flight scenario and, for guys who see something threatening their marriage / wife / house that means it is to be faced head-on (ie. fight). It isn't an insecurity issue, its a defense against a threat. Now if the husband were kept in-the-loop from the get go then.... options open up. He is then part of the equation and not blind-sided by it.<br />
dem's my views anyway (though DC and JWI's cautionary notes are points well taken as well)

i have trying to let my wife know that she should feel free to explore a relationship with a younger guy she likes at ....both the physical and emotional aspect of her unfaithfulness excites me to no end.<br />
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know where you're coming from.....

My wife who's had a few ********** ( with me and another) has developed a heavy crush ( her words) on a much younger man who was staying with us for a few weeks. The attraction is mutual certainly physical as well. But nothing came of it. I encouraged her too late she says.<br />
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Maybe he'll come back...<br />
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I wouldn't classify my wife( for what classification is worth) as a hot wife. She's very fussy and is unlikely to go for another man on a purely physical basis.<br />
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Point is having one's wife attracted emotionally to another man is both scary and exciting- much more so than a purely physical encounter.

Depends on the woman: probably more need the emotional attachment but many do not and just crave the carnal lust... ;)

yes! I have similar fantasies/desires!

I am ok now without it - have dealt with the insecurity. Thanks for the advice anyway.

Be careful; she might decide she likes radiating like a goddess on a full-time basis without you. If you were jealous and angry about it before, what makes you think you can change if it happens again? Just something for you to think about.

The problem actually started when I realised she was having an affair that i was so jealous and got angry. Only afterwards I realised that I should have just let it go and allowed her to continue. When I challenged her on cheating it became an issue and that is when her emotions started towards him, because he was on her side...<br />
I will give anything to go back and have it over gain, without getting jealous :)<br />
She was a completely different person - she radiated like a goddess!

Hindsight is an annoying thing... ;)

Emotions do have a way of ceeping in... be careful. dc

My wife broke off the affair because it came to a point of choosing to divorce. It became too emotional.<br />
That is why I would die for the oppertunity to know they are seeying each other again - i would be able to see it in her.

In my experience, it depends on how the former affair ended. If it went well, it can be hot. Usually, though, affairs break off either because one of the partners tire of it and want to move on to someone else or one of them is simply tiring of sex.<br />
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My wife ****** an old boyfriend once from high school. But we had moved to a different town, and she had to phone him while we were visiting the area, so it wasn't an ongoing affair.<br />
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She has ****** many guys over the past three years. Some are regulars, but most are once or twice only meetings.