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Holding Hurts, Letting Go Works

The above phrase was given to me by a friend recently and I would like to pass it on to you.

The same friend offered me a card from a pack and this is what it says:-

'Acceptance is a state of total non-judgement in which you bear no malice or enmity towards anyone or anything.

In this state your mind is quiet.

You are free to think expansively and focus on the infinite number of possibilities available to you.

Acceptance allows you to act creatively in the present unhindered by the past.

Your guidance is  to acknowledge your situation and act with wisdom to manifest the reality you desire.

Be comfortable with yourself, so that you feel centred, confident and able to reveal your true magnificence.'

I accept myself and others - this is what I hope to bring to the world.


glenara glenara 66-70, F 1 Response Dec 5, 2009

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Its so true.Once there is acceptance things just get into place no matter what.