The What And The Why Of My Intended Contribution

The world is rotten - it's full of users and sociopaths and narcissists and all sorts of scum that hurt other people, twisting them up.  The thing is, the world also has a great deal of beauty, both in human and non-human form.  I've seen a lot of the bad and the ugly, so my perspective is a little biased right now... but I'm working hard to remind myself of the good stuff.  One of my greatest wishes is to help people, the way no one helped me when I was most in need. 

I've been treated like dirt, so I try be decent to people.  I've been stepped on, so I watch my step.  I used to whine about a lot of crap without doing anything to help myself - and if people had kept coddling me and my childish attempts to guilt-trip, pity-party, and manipulate them into helping me, I never would have come to terms with my own worst qualities, and thus grown into the man I am today.  I won't coddle you, but I won't give up on you if you genuinely want my help.  In this way, I hope to bring something good to the world.

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Thanks Mello :) - from what I've read of yours, it sounds like you've got a noble attitude too - not to mention a giving nature.

Well it is what I meant to say. When you are helping someone else out (does not matter if their problem is worse than yours or not), it helps you realize that there is always someone else in the world who has it worse off than your own current situation. <br />
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Life is too short to be so absorbed with self. I am no Mother Teresa, but when one is so inwardly focused, it truly does cause a world of problems. Selfishness is a factor in broken relationships. Vanity will turn potential relationships away. Name any crime. It all starts with pride and of course escalates from there. <br />
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I am the victim of a very selfish person. LOL Read some of my stories and you will get somewhat of a better picture. I will eventually write more. I have a nerve disorder that is known as the 'suicide disease.' I have had to endure electric shocks in my face that sometimes prevent me from eating or talking. I am a very nurturing person, 5'8" & thin former model, educate my children, have a side job, and keep the home life functioning as smooth as any secretary would. Despite being called beautiful and graceful and sexy my whole life, I have been married to someone who does not like me and has constantly cheated on me. <br />
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What have I done wrong? I did not love myself enough. So there has to be a balance, you know what I mean? I don't have time to reflect on what happened. I think I am an enabler. But now I know what I don't want in my life. I will continue on and do my best to serve others, but this time not lose sight of who I am. Anyway, I did not mean to go on about myself here, but I just wanted to balance things out.

Haha - the human mind has a fascinating tendency to "fill in the blanks," and to draw connections between things. The connection you inadvertently helped me to see is still valid I think, at least when it comes to helping people with similar problems to my own. <br />
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I'm impressed by your admission - some people would have let it stand to avoid admitting their mistake.

Oops, I meant to say it will help to keep the focus off of yourself.

I never thought of helping someone else as being a way to putting my own problem under close scrutiny/focus before - but I can see how helping someone else with a problem, especially a similar problem, could help me to see my own problem more clearly. Thanks for the new angle.

You pretty much summed up my position on this matter. One of the greatest things you can do when you are facing a trial, is to help someone else. It puts your problem under close scrutiny and helps you to keep the focus on yourself, which enables one to not make the problem greater than what it is.