Nude Body Rubs

Since I have been asked about this a few times, I will explain.
At age 19 I worked at a place where we did entertainment for men.
Yes I was married at the time, and yes he approved.
Job consisted of either just posing nude as they jerked off, or doing a massage using shower gel and a shower spray nozzle. Also ad the option to share a stand up shower.
In the shared massage option, we were both nude and was done in a room with a large covered table. One we were both nude, I would rub his backside head to feet, sometimes using my boobs against his skin. Then he would roll over and I did the same to the front side, and stimulated his **** just a little.
Then I got on the table and he massaged my back, followed by my front. They were allowed to massage my breasts and pubic area, just not between my legs (although I allowed a few to do that).
Once done there he got back on the table and laid on his back. At that point I rubbed his chest a little then went for the happy ending. Only used my hands for that (honest) and enjoyed helping them get off. Occasionally I made it more interesting and straddled them either over their legs and looking at them, or above their belly looking towards the feet. Some I let spurt on my ****, and a few really good ones got to stand up against the platform as I stood in front of them, facing away, and let them slide my legs but not inside. It was fun clenching against them until they shot off.
Did this for 2 years.
Although most customers were men, we did get some women, and we me being bisexual, they usually saw me.

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My first wife was a nude dancer and I knew she did that and was ok with it. I used to work the door, how we met.

Wow, what a fun place to work!

I would try that, never heard of that before,

Why did you leave? get tired of it??

Ain't it great to get paid to do something you love.

Love the fact that hubby didn't mind your work, that you loved your work and that you weren't discriminatory...very erotic

wow thats really an experienced and im sure nice to talk about and open enough to share those times,im sure you have fun then and with all the raeson in the world too.

Love your honesty! Thanks for sharing!

Great story!! would love to try that!!

interesting and enjoyable story. Nice to know a little more about you

I try to share things as I get time

Should note that with the stand up shower option I gave hand jobs either facing them or from behind and reaching around.