Double Date ...true Story

Back when I was in High School ( a few years ago), I was on a double date with my BF Kyle in the front seat, with Lisa and Paul in the back. We had all been kissing awhile before I pulled my top over my head and removed my bra. I moved my head to Kyle’s lap and heard Lisa say “Is she going to suck him off?” Paul said it looked like I was going to, and asked if she would do it for him.  Lisa stated she had never done that, but would play with his **** with her hand. So i assumed they were playing since my mouth was on Kyle’s hard ****. Once he came, I swallowed and looked at the back seat. She had his erection in her hand and slowly stroking it. Again he asked Lisa to suck him, and again she said was not sure how. Kyle looked at me and said. “Go ahead”
I got into the back with Paul between me and Lisa.  I started to suck him, letting her see what I did. I had her do it for a few minutes as well. Once Paul said he needed to *** Lisa pulled away and I took over, taking his load in my mouth. By then Kyle was hards again, so I told Lisa she could get more practice by sucking him. She got into the front seat and put him in her mouth. I had to give her credit for being eager to learn. It took about 10 minutes but she got him off, and did swallow, which surprised me. Of course Paul got aroused again so Lisa and I sucked him until she shot his second lo0ad into Lisa’s mouth. 
Kyle and I dropped them off after this, and went back to the same area where I leaned over the trunk as he stuck in in me until he erupted inside of me.

I should have mentioned that Kyle became my husband after we graduated. Were married 10 years
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Wow, that was a wild story, got me umm, stirring.

Great story and innocent time, thanks

Great story. Reminds me of a double date I had with my cousin and our girl friends.

Very hot story. Just helping to educate the less experienced!

That is. An outstanding storie... Is it for real?

Great story, me and a buddy double dated sisters once. My date was game but her sister was a wet blanket. Thanks for sharing.

Great story, I wish I would have had friends like you to dbl date with, damn!

Loved your story and adventurous spirit ;-). Have you and Kyle partaken in activities like this since you have been married.

What is the relevance to the topic of making real friends? Isn't there a place to put stories of sexual exploration that would be more topical?

CRISP & exciting

lovely story thanks for sharing :)

This is sexy. My gf in high school always talked about teaching her friend to suck using me, but she couldnt take my **** out of her mouth long enough to let it happen. She was a REAL *** ****.

I really like how you wrote this story in this group cause being open like you are i'm sure making friends would be nooooooooooooo problem for you!! You should have ask Lisa is there anything else that you could show her like taking two hard ***** at once ******* on while sucking the other now that is a real good double date!

Great story!!! I loved it! Absolutely fun and incredible.

My first bj was at a drive in movie.

Those were always fun

You must've been very popular inschool. Its damn sure you were the perfect girlfriend.

Had a lot of good friends. it was good

Wow, the closest I came to that was getting a blow job in the parking lot of a amusement park in Charlotte NC... As people were passing by and looking in at us. Very hot you story thanks for sharing...

I should have mentioned that Kyle became my husband after we graduated. Were married 10 years

This is what I call a perfect date!

It was fun for sure

Great how willingly you showed Lisa what to sounds like she caught on quick!

That she did

Hot! Makes me think of my old high school days.

That's hot