1st Time I Touched Another ****

So I had chatted a long time on the internet with guys about being curious. I had the usually experiences as a young boy with my best friend. I have always be curious but until the internet, I never talked about it. So after talking with this one guy, we decided to meet at a Adult Book Store. This store had the viewing booths with Glory Holes . We had said that we could take turns stroking each other. So I was so horny on my way to the store that I couldn't wait. I met my friend and we went to the back and entered the booths side by side. Put a bunch of tokens in the machine and started watching ****. I was nervous and horny...As I was unzipping my pants, his **** came thru the glory hole. I knew he was about 7" and uncut..but seeing it for the 1st time was great. It was so smooth and hard...His head was exposed and it looked so good,,,that the 1st thing I thought of was to suck it..but I knew I couldn't..so I reached down and lightly touched it..It felt so good...better than I imagined...It grew even longer as I stroked it..I had my **** out and brought them together...WOW..that was wonderful rubbing them together...He then took his **** out..so it was my turn..I was so hard and excited..I pushed my **** thru the glory hole...i felt him stroke me...and felt his **** and balls against mine...he had me ready to explode..so I shot my hot ***...best ****** ....I wanted him to *** so I took my **** and waited for his **** to come they..when it did..he had my *** all over it...I stroked him and he shot a huge load all over my ****...I knew that I was hooked..I enjoyed this so much...
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The first time I touched another man's **** I had posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a first experience with another man. I went to his place and we both ******** to our underwear and laid down on the bed talking. I finally got brave and put my hand inside his shorts. Lightning didn't strike! So I pulled then down and gave a few tentative licks. It wasn't horrible, so I took him into my mouth. Due to my nervousness, I didn't bring him off, but I had found out that I could do this and was even more curious. The next time I tried was better. I sucked a guy off and even swallowed. And it made me come in my panties (I was completely dressed as a woman--but that's another story).

So relax and go for it.

wow, I got a hard on reading your story, did you ever meet up again?

this story got me hard ,did you meet him again?Suck him off?I would go crazy with lust at a chance like you had .Great step and thanks for sharing

That is so ******* hot.
I love stroking another mans **** covered w my ***.