One Day Ill Remember Im Sure Lol

When i  was a new student at this high school i went to i met a bunch of people, now no one (well i cant say everyone is the same but I'm this way) can expect me to remember EVERY ONES name with the first meeting i mean i was still trying to remember the different kind of time table! (in the other high school i was in we had classes at different times) but after oh i dunno a week i had managed to remember most peoples names (by most i mean 4.....) but i didn't really care, that was all i needed to get by figured i would get the rest some time but there was this girl who's name i could never remember no matter how hard i tried (not very hard actually she did hate me, maybe cause i never addressed her lol) anyway after a few months i still had no idea and it had gotten to the point where i cant exactly ask so i made up a nick name for her cause you know i felt kinda bad for not knowing her name. anyway now 3 years later were the best of friends lol. i still have problems remembering people's names, most of the time i only remember there names because i either know someone else with that name or its just a strange name, you know the ones you just cant forget.
Ranunculus Ranunculus
18-21, T
Oct 18, 2010