Who Are You...?

That is what I am always saying to people when they come up to say hey to me... and it sounds so mean, you know, like I am conceited, but I am not, I am genuinely not good with names.  Faces are easy, I can remember what people look like easier then what there name is. 

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

Thanks for the advice.. I will give it a try!!

Hi Mone8706 <br />
memory is a skill. You can learn techniques which improve it. See you have a good memory for faces already. I am not an expert but think if you link the name to the face and a further trigger idea. Memory works best in webs. There is a problem around thinking you are bad at something because then each time you come to recall a name you immediately think you can not do it. So stop being negative and play around with ways of making a hame of remembering. Also ask people for their names again and again. This might be embarrassing but that helps you remember and I think people appreciate the effort - especially if they have forgotten your name!<br />
It is interesting isn't it that you never see anyone who has the same face! How do you remember it!<br />
:)<br />