Im Tew Skinny

I Dont Like My
Body Image Iwnna Gain Weight...... When I
Was 10 Ihad The Apendensis I Had It For
Like A Day B4 It Poped In My Stomach.
While Ihad It Iwas Trowing Up 24/7
Icouldnt Eat Nothing Or Drink Anything
Cause I Trew It Up. Cause Of All Dis Trowing
Up Ilost Alot Of Weight && Idont Like It. Im
14yrs Old In Dah 9th Grade Bt The Last
Time Iweighted My Self Iwas In Dah 8th
Grade Still 14 && I Weighted 103pnds...
Iwux Hppy Cux Dah Year B4 Dat I Weighted
93pnds . Ialways Gain 10 Punds Everytime
Iweight Myself Idk Why. Bt Idont Like My
Self Because Ifeel Dat Im Too Skinny. Ifeel
Like If This Has Really Brought Mah
Selfsteem Down... Ialways Wear Loose
Pants So Iwont Show How Skinny My Legs
Are Bt On Fridays Iwear Tight Skinny Jeans
So I Have To Put A Long Sweater Around My
Waist So Iwont Show My Legs. Ireally Want
To Gain Weight Ialways Research On How To
Bt Inever Find Wtt Iwant Because Idnt Want
Mah Family Tew Knw Dat Im Traying Tew
Hide My Skiininess && Wt Ifind Tell Meh
Tew Buy Stuff Oonly An Adult Can....ialso
Researched Magic To Get Watt Uwant Bt
Idnt Wanna End Up Wid A Wrng Magic Spell
&& Br Ing Ghost && Stuff Tew Meh... Id
Only Tried One &&iaskd 4a Fairy To Grnt Me
Every Wish Iwanr Bt It Hsnt Came True
Yet..... Weell Anyways Can Som1 Help Me
Gain Some Weight...does Anyone Have Any
Tips.... T.y. For Reading Mah Post .. Please
Barbie10 Barbie10
22-25, F
Sep 10, 2011