I'm don't think I'm hideous, but I have insecure moments. I have moles and a crooked smile
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16-17, F
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Unless that pic on your profile is of someone else you don't have anything to worry about. You should read Valerie Bertinelli's autobiography Losing It. She was a knockout teenager and thought she was fat and unattractive. Look at the mirror with your eyes, not your ego and you will see that you are lovely.

The outside is just a cover to the book that you are.
Some good covers don't make an interesting read.
To be healthy is far more valuable.
To be happy is your life goal.
If you are to concentrated on the outside - that can be very shallow.
To look after your skin will take your body to a fruitful end.
Look to become interesting and engaging.
Sing and dance - have fun.

No, ur beautifulšŸ˜˜