As if I am not already insecure about my appearance my husband just recently told me that the spark is gone and isn't as attracted to me as he used to be when we first met, that since I`ve stopped getting acrylic nails and maintaining my hair color and wearing makeup daily and getting dressed in nice clothing that he misses the old me. I have spent the past week and a half trying to make myself look more appealing by buying sexy clothes and hair dye and memorizing makeup and hair tutorials.... I feel like this is I alone?
Gonzales96 Gonzales96
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 20, 2014

No. It is wrong. He should love you for you not what you wear or don't wear. Did he marry your outside or your inside? I don't mean to sound so blunt but it upsets me when guys are like that. I know this must hurt you terribly but honestly he doesn't deserve you. I am sorry for your pain.