Today, is one of those days. I feel ugly. like most days it's always on my mind. Will anyone love me for me. The true me without any make up. You look so hot in this picture, Don't you ever wear make up, You look so much better with make up. I look so hot in the picture because they soft touch so you can't see my bad skin, I am more photogenic then in person. In person I am ugly know one I want to be with me and love me for me. I want to get a Tattoo that says "free", but I don't want to get until I feel it. At this point I don't think I will ever get it. I feel trapped in this body. I believe I was not suppose to have this ugly face,Cerebral palsy where I can't use my right hand very well and I walk with a limp. Will I ever feel free to be myself? Will I ever get that tattoo? At this point I don't think so.
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31-35, F
1 Response Aug 30, 2015

You are not ugly, you're beautiful. You need to be confident in yourself so you can realise this. Of course someone will love and accept you for who you are-there's nothing wrong with you. The fact that you have cerebral palsy and walk with a limp does not make you inferior to any other female on this planet-you are wonderful and always will be-never forget that. If you feel you have bad skin, you can always get it treated by a skincare professional or invest in effective skin treatment products. But regardless of whether you feel you have bad skin or not, you're still beautiful and you should be confident in yourself. You just need to think positively-you have always had the potential to be 'free,' it's up to you to feel free by changing your attitude about yourself.