did you ever felt that your boyfriend looks more cute, handsome, has a really nice skin I mean no acnes all over your face. Then you standing next to him, and felt..... you didn't worth for hin, you look too ugly for him. With all your acnes around your face, looking back to all his ex crush, of course they're look more even MORE prettier than you. I hate my face, and my acnes.
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After all there's a reason he choose you; you shouldn't forget that ;)
Last time I met my boyfriend, it was in the end of November, so he didn't shave for a month, #NoShaveNovember and since he is only 19, his beard growth isn't that thick yet, he looked funny :3 yet to me, he was the cutest little beard monster in this universe.
You see, I don't think your boyfriend think of your pimples as ugly, I actually don't think he notices them, guys suck at noticing details. And does it really matter you think? Would you care if your man had pimples? I mean he would still have the same cute nose, and those big doggy eyes. same with you, don't you think? :) I mean if you meant the world to someone, a pimple here and there wouldn't matter at all, why would it really?
I used to have horribly much pimples, like strangers used to comment on my face, I never washed my face though, because I realised the pimples would always return. Felt really bad and insecure, and I met my boyfriend while my face was messed up, but he still thought I was cute :3 Now here I am, a few years later, and all of em has disappeared :3

Its my first time to join this thing, and I'm shocked how nice people in here, thank you, you ve made me smile xD
okay.. but I always compare my looks to all his ex it makes me feel down. its normal right?:|

Hahaha you're cute ^^
That's totally normal, I mean, I compare myself to the anime girls my boyfriend thinks are cute, since he doesn't have any ex girlfriends. If you ever feel silly, just think of me, comparing myself to people drawn on a piece of paper ;)
Now, how do we get rid of this feeling then... Id say you have to accept the fact that your boyfriend really does love you, and your looks, even if you don't. You shouldn't worry about his exes, there's a reason he left them for you(in his eyes, you're much better than them. :3) also, why not tell your boyfriend how you feel about his exes? Believe me he will try his best to comfort you and tell you how he truly feels about them, which would probably feel pretty comforting to know, wouldn't it? :) good luck though ^^
Oh and since you're new here, I'll give you some advice; watch out for the Pervs on here, they're disgusting, block 'em all :D