I wish I was pretty. Even though people say I'm pretty. I don't see it. I'm just extremely hideous and can die in a hole.
Yourfavnextdoor Yourfavnextdoor
18-21, F
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I've never related with someone so much

you look extremely attractive!

So, do you think that everyone who says you are pretty are liars? Being a teenager almost automatically comes with insecurities. The years that people go to college is generally the time that the ugly duckling spreads its wings and transforms into a swan. Look past the skin deep BS. As Ellen Degenerous says, "Be kind."

Omg I love this. Your so right.

Don't say that

We're Our Worst Criticism

Wow. Autocorrect. Wow

You can't see the beauty that other people see in you. I'm the same way. I'm sure you're far from hideous.