My friend said I dressed like a nerd today. I didn't think it would affect me as greatly as it did, but as soon as I came home, I looked at myself in the mirror and began to question if a sweatpants, sweater combo with a skullcap was that nerdy. I always wear sweat pants, and nobody ever commented about it until today. I wonder if that's how everyone sees me when they see me walk around in sweats and a sweater.
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1 Response Mar 18, 2016

That doesn't sound nerdy... It just sounds comfortable. Everyone wears what they are comfortable with, just because you aren't going out of your way to put on revealing or tight clothes for attention doesn't mean anything about who you are. You're a person, you're irreplaceable, clothes are just pieces of cloth stitched together, they make billions of them every day and they're as replaceable as batteries.