I think I might be lonely forever. I have been battling with myself for so long that I no longer know why I am fighting half the time. Picking a fight with anyone who shows remote interest because I am so self-conscious and insecure. Why does he want me to meet his friends? So they can laugh about how hideous I am? Why does he even like me? I am a massive whale. So self-destructing. Now, the only guy to show me genuine interest and make me feel so comfortable I have pushed him away because of the mind games I play in my head. I feel like an ******* but I saved him a world of trouble. As sweet as he thinks I am I am so broken beyond belief. He deserves better than me. He can definitely do better than me. I am just a sad little girl. He doesn't need that or me. He can do so much more better than me.
UnicornsOfHope UnicornsOfHope
Apr 14, 2016