Not Seeing It.

Like many, I'm uncomfortable with my appearance. If feel like I have a little more weight on me then i should have, I've had a strange acne like skin condition on my arm since my single digits years and the useless docotrs can't do anything about it. Makes my arms rough. These are the main issues, but there are others. In short, I don't like my appearance.

But the really, really annoying thing is, that people tell me I'm good looking. I feel like they are just lying to make me feel better, because aside from their saying so, I've never seen any other convincing evidence. Girl's don't notice/approach me at all. and back in high school, one of the girl said I have no sex appeal, which didn't bother me, because I believe it.

What bothers me is that other people tell me I'm good looking, such as family friends, or the mother of a friend or a sister like friend. They all say things like "Why aren't you a hit with the ladies?" or "Surely you have a girlfriend looking like that?" I've resorted to telling these people off, even though they are usually close friends, because other then what they say, I never see any "valuable" evidence, as in evidence shown by people I'd like to go out with etc.

So, as the story title says, I'm not seeing it and their claims that I should be seeing it annoy me incredibly.

realityphantom realityphantom
18-21, M
Mar 9, 2010