I Think My Friends Knowing I Got Spanked Was The Worst...

My friends knew my dad was alcoholic but it was just so embarrassing to have to go to school all bruised and beat up like i did. I was not alone -- the boys across the street got the h*ll beat out of them, too. Oldest one the most...

Their dad was not alcoholic, though, but he was very harsh. Both he and my dad were otherwise 'respectable' more or less. Our neighbors all knew when my dad went on a bender to watch out....

The biggest difference was their dad knew when to stop...
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Alcohol affects people all differently. My dad was an alcoholic for my first 20 years. Sober, he was sweet, funny and charming; drunk, he was mean and abusive. only got spanked once by him (he was drunk) after that I stayed out of his way as much as I could.


my dad was same way

I got plenty of spankings, most of them for doing something I was not allowed to, I just don’t understand the naked spanking thing. What part of correction is showing you nude to your friends and siblings?

its not about correction, but control....

In my case, it was my mother......Dad never laid a hand on me.

good for your dad

did your dad spank u on bare ***??

Sorry to hear that. Sounds tough.

It was but it's been a long time

Time heals but sometimes it takes a lot of time

Hi Janie,
I'm so sorry that happened to you. How did you get over it?

Time heals everything...

I agree....everything gets dulled with time.

so why didn't yours - was he too drunk to know?


So, do you hate drinkers and spanking now? :(

Drunks aren't cute, I can't stand them, but in a strange way, I'm attracted to spanking.... My psyche says it's because of my past...

me too :)

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So sad;( Lazy parenting is all it is and cruel.

well, some parents fall into it 'accidentally'

Sorry. :(


You might have mentioned this in a story..but what happened with him? Is he still around and if so, what is the relationship now?

Well, he passed away... and after I grew up it's like we both forgot. As a result of being arrested for drunken driving, he stopped drinking entirely. Too bad, it was after I grew up.

Good thing at least he sobered up. Gives one hope that people change. :)

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My "Dad" was not a drinker, but abused me every way possible. I was not his biological daughter but a cousin. His wife also abused me, She was really my sister, but would tell everyone that I was her kid. I was abused from the age of 4. i might have been abused before that, but I don't recall. I was a very heavy drinker from the age of 4-29. I stopped drinking almost I month before I was raped by my "Dad" for the last time. I became pregnant with my daughter. I've been sober for almost 14 yrs. If an adult hit another adult it would be ASSAULT!!! TO hit them on the bare is demeaning and disgusting. These people who say they want to make sure they aren't causing damage should use another method . If they still spank they should stop after a certain number.
I only spanked my daughter once, She was 5 and it was with my hand over her jeans. She didn't cry. I felt so guilty that I intentionally broke my wrist. She saw me do this. She didn't cry. I asked her why she cried then and she told me it upset her to see Mommy hurt herself. She has hardly misbehaved since. That was almost 8 yrs. ago. When she misbehaves I talk to her, ground her, or take away something she likes for a period of time. I handle my son the same way. I haven't and never will spank m son. A parent is supposed to use his/her hand for patting their kid on the back, wipe away tears, and for hugs. Parents should be there to wipe tears away, not cause them. I still can't wear a belt without having flashbacks. Learning is painful enough without inflicting physical pain.

A spontaneous swat is one thing, a spanking another. Your daughter is trying to tell you something with what she ssaid. Don't be too hard on yourself...

I agree sorry you got it so bad.

Thank you, I think people should keep an eye out for abused children... it still seems so unfair and unfriendly that people would ignore what happened, as if pretending would make it unreal. It wasn't for me.

I can't understand your English, but in a nutshell, my Dad was a mean drunk, very mean....

your father no strike you

i not good understand did dad strike of no i know alcoolic who never strike or beat children i know people no alcoolic who beat children

yes, there are nice people who are alcoholics, and there are mean drunks

I guess there are a million ways to be screwed up.

I know the feeling. My Dad wasn't a drinker, but very religious which meant severe bare bottomed spankings for us. Gym class was no fun when I had to change clothes and the other girls could see the paddle or belt marks on my backside!<br />

I hate that too when u know that when u get changed for pe/gym that the other girls are goin to know uve been slapped, soo embarrassin!! has happened to me a few times.

Yes, the bruises are there for anyone to view....