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2 Friends Know

I don't have any siblings, but I have two bff's that know I have gotten spanked. I have been spanked with and in front of both of them. There are adults that know such as our pastor, youth pastor, their wives. Our church is very conservative, I'm sure there are any number of kids there who are spanked, but i'm not aware of it on a first hand basis, and i've never talked with them about it.

Aside from that, if any of the kids around town knew, I'd move to a different country. People who don't understand the dynamic don't and won't see anyone else's views as being beneficial, even if they are.
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what happens when you get spankings? I take it you're clothed these days?

I was spanked often in front of others l ike sibblings family members a b/f once my g/fs mom's lady freinds neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr bare but always to tears if we were bad while people were around we were punished in front of them right away. It did help keep me in line and watch my mouth or actionss o i totlayy understand beth but how old were you and your b/fs whenthey saw you spanked why were you spanked and by who and with?

Best to simply keep it with yourself. There are so many people without any understanding for others `opinions and decisions. Simply no respect. I talk about my spanking obsession here in EP. Here are idiots also, but I ve got a lot of friends here to whom I can talk absolute frankly, not holding back even intimate information. Takes some time before you know whom to trust.. But then one gets a feed back you never get in " real life ".

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY BEAUTIFUL , please add me as your friend !!!! XOXOXO DAVID

Hello please add me as your friend !!!! XOXOXO DAVID

Wow, you sure brought up a lot of strong feelings. Sounds to me you are a reasonable and competent person, well able to sort things out for yourself. It does help to get various viewpoints, especially from friends and knowledgable (spelling, I know) people.

There is a christian man on EP ("barebottomspankings") that has sent me a message that he is available to give me counseling and bare bottom spanking therapy sessions over his knee. I am going to go and meet him after services next Sunday the 16th. I am hoping this is going to help me.

be careful- what is his motivation? Tell someone before you go.

I agree.. I do the same things - as a counselor at Church and handling discipline. But meet in public, let someone know you are going, and follow your gut.

Ok so should I back off?

Very normal and happens a great deal. I am a counselor at a Church. I also started the "experience" Experiences with Church Discipline" so that folks can discuss and write as well.

It sounds like you were raised in the same church atmosphere I was. Thank you for sharing this.