When I was a child, it seemed that most every kid was spanked at some time or other. I, along with quite a few others, had a weekly spanking set at the same time each week. I know others heard me getting mine during the summer months. I know because I heard other kids getting theirs. We knew which days and time of day to walk by someone's house and hear the distinctive sound of a bottom being smacked! Sometimes we heard crying and begging, sometimes an adult voice lecturing as the spanking was administered.

But being horrified? Not really, embarrassed? On occasion.

There was a time or two when I felt kind of proud knowing others heard my spanking for an offense that elevated me in the eyes of my peers!

But the true feeling of being horrified came when my mother decided to enlist the aid of a neighbor to take over my discipline. That happened when puberty began and she became concerned when I got excited. She didn't think it was healthy for a son to be excited by his mother.

When this happened, I didn't want anyone to know...it was too much for a young man of that age to relate to his peers!
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I agree with you -you make excellent points . When a young man reaches puberty.- he no longer should be given a spanking by his mother or any other female.- if a spanking or a hiding is required
Then a male should take care of this - if it's a household where there is only a single mother. Then a big brother or uncle should be requested to do what needs to be done not a female and not the young man mother thanks Jim

I was mature for my age and bookish and the whippings I received did indeed help my peers to see me as more of an equal. But it sure was a painful and embarrassing way of making friends, a thought that occurred to me more than once as my rear end was going up in flames.

That's weird that you had a set spanking every week. Like what's the point of being good if it's going to happen anyways?

When you grow up with something happening on a regular basis, it just seems normal. There were a number of my peers who also received a weekly spanking.

Trust me, when I wasn't so good, the spankings would be much more severe. But in a sense, having a weekly routine gave me an overall sense of security. It also allowed me to have a clean slate after each spanking.

I agree there nothing like a good routine. To monitor behavior I would believe if spankings took place weekly there more likely was a good reason for that

Some of my mates were proud about the number of strokes they got without crying or they boast about the spankings taken on the bare-bottom. As for me, I rather was embarrassed whenever I got a spanking and horrified of being known by my mates. However, I envied my mates and I regretted secretly that I had not a dad to punish me severely like them.

Some. Young adults. Speak others don't discuss certain things. With others in my view getting a spanking is a private thing and doesn't need to be.Broadcasted to the whole world. Most young men that I have known don't want people to know what goes on in there houseNot having a father to love and care about one is more important than being. Punished

Good morning it's Tuesday. What happening I assume you goy previous message. Please advise thanks Jim