i am ok with dropping my pants and bending over etc... but i always beg my parents to close the windows so people wont hear me cry outside.
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Fair enough

I know how you feel my mom had stop spanking when I was 12 I'm 17 now in the summer she started again. I admit I did something wrong that deserved her to get started again I got the car impounded but now she is doing it for every little reason. On top of that my mom is a single parent we've never had lots of money so we live in a townhouse apartment I know the neighbor can hear. The way the apartment is there's a porch there's a door on the right in the door on the left going into two separate apartments so if the neighbor happens to be on the porch and the wood doors open in only the screen door is closed which my mom leaves it that way all the time so for Freash air to come in the neighbor could look right in and see me getting spanked plus you could see from the side walk that is only about ten feet from the porch. I'm so embarrassed by this. And if that's not enough my mom has two paddles one Amazon the kitchen wall the other is kept on the coffee table in the living room area anybody that comes in the apartment will be able to tell what goes on.

Wow she still does and your 17? that really sucks bro , does she have to be super pissed?

We lived in a area growing up and you could hear the landing on the bottom outside, windows closed or not, even if it was in the bathroom

most kids in our village get spanked... i dont mind anyone hearing me cry. i cry from the first lash... no point in trying to be brave

Who has heard you get it lately?

I know the lady who lives in the apartment next-door has heard it a few times. And I know some girls from my school been teasing me because I guess they were walking on the sidewalk and heard so looked inside the windows

What do you mean they looked inside the window? You mean they say the spanking and after? Did they tell everyone what they saw/ it would be hard to keep such a story quiet.


I understand, its really very embarassing getting your bare bottom spanked and neighbours can listen it. Does it happen often?

2-3 times per year

Were do You live?


Ok i am from Holland, here its less common but in eastern Europe there are much more girls spanked.
I am very much po spank.

I believe.in using spankings for. Males. Only.Boys after they are twelve years old need to graduate to hidings with the strap
and or paddle. If behavior. Warrants it a walk to the woodshed. Is ultimate hiding with the razor strap - no discussion.just action - from
What know most. Don't have repeat performances. In the wood shed thanks Jim

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They may not hear you cry. - however the noise from the spanking will be heard and we all know what it sounds like -I understand your concern but more than just crying that is heard when a spanking takes place - if you would like to discuss this further. Advise. Me of that. Thanks jim


I can understandcthat request. Can you add me please? I would love to chat sometime.

:'( do you still get punished ?

yes i do

How old are you now?

14... cheated a bit with the age here to get access to the naughty stuff... <shameful look>

Naughty naughty! ;)

Now that makes me a pedefille, thanks! you do deserve to get spanked with all of EP listening!

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