******* My Aunt...

This encounter was between my aunt and me. Her name is Seema .She is hot with great assets 38.32.40 approx..She is 37 years old with two kids both goes to school and her hubby is an engineer .I used to visit their place frequently and I enjoyed to stay with my cousins ,with that I could see the beauty of my aunt.

One day ,when I went to their house both kids had gone to school and uncle had left for the office, I thought it would be a good chance to have sex with my aunt. Around 1 pm she finished her work and said she is tired and want to sleep. I also said I m also tired and I want to rest too. She lied on the bed and I was admiring her beauty and lied beside her. Now slowly I brought my left hand near her *** ,she was sleeping with her face away from me. I acted like I was sleeping and I kept my hand on her ***.

She said nothing and it confirmed she was sleeping ,I got courage and moved closer to her, my 7 inches tool was tearing my shorts. I brought my penis near her *** and I acted as if I was sleeping and touched my penis with her *** crack. A thunder bolt ran through my spine and I moved away from her fearing that she might get up.

After 2 min. she faced towards me and I saw that her maxi was up to her knee length.T his aroused me and now I kept my hand on her thigh and slowly moved her maxi up and her maxi was totally up I could see her holy hairy *****. Her lips were soft and pinkish. I wanted to lick it but was afraid.

I gathered courage and cupped her breast slowly and pressed gently I could hear a moan voice from my aunt. I understood she is awake. Hearing her moan I started squeezing her boobs, to which she opened her eyes ,I was shell shocked, she smiled and said that she also wanted the same thing from me and she said she won’t tell this to anyone.

I came closer to her. Her nose was near my nose and I felt her warm breath on my face. I stooped forward slightly and rubbed my nose with her and licked her lips once. She took a deep breath and opened her mouth, I inserted my tongue into her mouth and she began to suck my tongue. I took her lips into my mouth and began to suck. We passed about two minutes and when I released her, the lips were swelled like juicy orange cell and became red like radish.

She stooped forward and took my penis head into her mouth and began to suck vigorously. She was twisting me penis with her hand and licking my penis head with her tongue. I was kneading her breasts. After few minutes I laid her on the sofa and parted her legs and saw, really she did not wear panty inside her skirt and there her neatly shaved bald ***** was shining. I folded her skirt upwards and descended my head in between her thighs.

I parted her legs wider and knelt down on the carpet and inserted my penis into her mouth to suck and I began to lick her *****. I was also kneading her cone shaped soft breasts. Within 10 minutes she began to moan loudly and waving her waist and pushing and rubbing her ***** with my mouth. Soon her ****** occurred and the ***** gushed from her ***** hole like a volcano. I was licking the juice and also spurted my ejection into her mouth.

We both sat aside on the carpet leaning with the bed. I was kissing and kneading her breasts and she was shaking my penis to erect. Within 20 minutes my penis erected with its full strength and was ready to enter into any type of ****. I laid her on the bed and placed one leg on the backrest and other to the floor and sat between her thighs. I bent my stiffed penis and set with her ***** hole’s opening. Then I applied pressure and a slight obstacle it shoved about half of her well lubricated ***** hole.

Her ***** canal was enough tight and the ***** wall grasped my penis. I again gave a jolt and the whole length of my penis shoved into the *****. My penis head pushed her womb and she cried in ecstasy. I then started moving my waist up and down. I was pushing and pulling my iron hard penis through her ***** and she was moaning in ecstasy. I ran my penis about 15 minutes. Then I set her stood on the floor and stooped her forward 90° bending and held the sofa.

I parted her legs wider and stood behind her. Then I shoved my penis from her back side and derived my waist front and back. She was moaning like aaaahhh aaahhha ha hah ahhhah hah ahh ahha hha hhhh ahhh continuously. She was shouting “**** me harder, harder, faster, faster, tear me etc”. I accelerated my force faster to faster and my groin was pushing her bum with thap thap sound. ******* her about more 15 minutes or so I took her on my palms.

She grabbed my neck with her hands and my waist with her legs, thus I shoved my penis into her wet slippery *****. She was hanging like a bat and I pushed her bum upwards and released. So her body was moving up and down, she was hissing and kissing me like an insane. At last I laid her on the floor carpet and began to **** applying my full strength. White foam like substances was produced from the ***** ******* area.

She was gradually moaning and groaning in ecstasy. At last after about 40 minutes she reached her ****** and ooooohhh aaahhha aahhhhhaaah um umm oooohh ooooosshhhh sound was outing from her mouth. She grabbed my neck tightly and pressed me with her chest. I was kneading her breasts and biting her nipples. She spurted her ***** with a vigorous push to my penis with her waist and I also reached to the end.

I pulled my penis and ejected my load on her flat tummy. After cleaning my *** we both rested on the best and after 30 minutes we again had sex and this still continues whenever we find time alone we utilize it

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Add a response... oh God that was interesting, lucky guy.

That was a good story to tell and had me fantasizing about my aunt which I would love to **** badly.

I to want to **** NY aunt. If I get the chance I would do it like that

Lucky bustard

u r lucky...and dat was hot

That was so hot


I always wished to screw my cousins who were much older than me but was not as lucky. however all my aunts were mostly living far away.

i also want to **** my fat aunt hope it will be possible soon u lucky man