**** My Horny Aunt

She is a cool lady and very jovial in nature. She is so young so she misses her independence. Whenever I talk to her she says that she hates this life because she cannot do whatever she want, because of the family commitment and she cannot even go outside and watch movie. She also said that she missed her school days and her friends. She always complaints about my uncle that he never spends time with her and also he comes late in the night and sleeps early.

I always like Jamuna in a right way. She is so friendly with me and shares all her problems and past experiences with me. She also teases me comparing with my female friends. She is of average height with thin body. She is little bit darker in color and has nice figures 36-30-34. She always prefer to dress in saree and wears nighty when she goes to bed. Sometimes during the weekends I go to her house at avadi. Most of the time my uncle will be out for his business trip.

He leaves on Saturday morning and comes back on Sunday night. So my aunt spends most of her weekends alone. She feels happy when I go to her house during the weekends. She tells me that she feels good to talk to me and never feel lonely. It was during the first week of august, I went to my aunt’s house on Friday evening to spend my weekend. She welcomed me and said that uncle left for the business trip on Friday morning because of some urgency. She felt happy after seeing me.

She was wearing a blue saree and she looked tired because she was cleaning the house. She made me coffee and some baji’s. I enjoyed her cooking. I never had bad intention towards her. I was watching the TV in her living room. She finished her cleaning work and came and sat next to me in the sofa. I asked to her about her 2 year old son. She said that he is sleeping in her bedroom. She started to talk to me about my life at office and also as usual she started to complaint about my uncle.

Then we cracked lot of jokes about her college days and uncle. She was sitting close to me and touching my thighs. I never mistook that because I know she is friendly to me and also she believes me a lot. After some time she started to hold my hand. Then while taking she kissed my forehead and smiled at me. Still I took in the right sense. Then we took dinner and went to the bed. Since they are staying in a single bedroom, I always use to sleep in her living room. Since my uncle is not there she asked me to sleep in her bedroom. They had a big bed.

Her son was sleeping in the middle of the bed. I was dressed in lungi and baniyan and went to the bed. She came inside the bedroom in her punk nighty with her top buttons opened. I cannot understand why she has opened her buttons. She was bending towards me as adjusting the bed and showing her cleaves. They are of good size capped inside her white bra. I said to her that I am tired and I am going to sleep early.

I said good night and went to sleep. She switched off the light and she also came to bed and slept next to her son. Her son was sleeping in the middle of us. She put her hand on her son and at the same time her hand touched my chest. I never cared about that and I went in deep sleep. At the middle of the night I felt someone squeezing my ****. I opened my eyes, and seen around at my aunt. She was sleeping, so I thought it’s a dream.

Then I went back to sleep. Still after few minutes I felt the same feeling that someone biting my ****. When I opened my eyes, I got shock on seeing my aunt sucking my big ****. She was holding my **** in her hand and sucking the tip by closing her eyes. I called jamuna what are you doing? She pushed me and started to kiss my forehead, cheeks and my lips. I cannot believe it and I thought its my luck to get free sex with a young lady and also with my own aunt. I hugged her and we kissed with our lips for almost 10 minutes.

We were exchanging our saliva, biting each other tongue, and licked our lips. She said “Rahul..i am horny, ur uncle never cared about me, he is always interested in his work, I want a nice ****, I like u, let us have secret relation”..i said to her “jamuna..i also love you..i will give my best to make u happy”..before completing my sentence she kissed in my lips and then removed my baniyan and thrown my lungi and underwear towards the wall.

She took my **** in her mouth and sucked it nicely. She gave me nice blow job by spitting her saliva on my **** and also shaking my rod. I said I am going to ***. She was not ready to listen my words. She is enjoying her oral sex..i exploded in her mouth..she drank my *** and undressed herself to naked. I made her lie down in the bed, kissed her forehead, cheeks and lips. I squeezed her boobs and sucked her round nipples for ling time.

I was playing with her boobs by squeezing them and circling her nipple with my finger. She moaned a lot and pressed my head towards her nipple. I sucked then as if I am drinking her milk. I took her son from the bad made him to sleep in his cradle. Now the bed belong to us. I kissed her belly button and also massaged her belly. She was crawling like a snake. Then I licked her belly and came close to her *****.

She was waiting for my lick. I can see her eyes, halfway closed and she looked like begging at me for a ****. I smelled her *****, they were great. She had few hairs in her *****. I kissed at her ***** and started to lick it. She moaned a lot and pressed my head towards her *****. I put my tongue deep inside her ***** and cleaned her *****. I came feel some juice coming out of her ***** and I drank whole thing. Then I put my middle finger inside her ****. It was deep and little bit loose. I put both my fingers inside her ***** and stroked it.

She was enjoying it and moaning a lot. I fingered her ***** for almost 15 minutes and she cummed once again. Then I made her to turn and kissed her ears, shoulders, licked her back and ***. I massaged her small ***. I licked her *******. Her ******* is too small. Then I made her to turn to the normal position. Now she is facing me, and I took my **** in my hand, they were hard and erect.

I rubbed her ***** with my **** and she cannot wait to put my **** inside..she said “Rahul please put your **** inside and **** your aunt like an animal”..she took my **** in her hand and inserted in to her ****. Wow it was a nice feeling to put my **** inside her *****, I ****** her slowly for about 5 minutes and she asked me to move fast, so I ****** her fastly for about 5 minutes. I took my **** out and cummed all over her face. She kept her mouth open and licked my *** from my ****.

We hugged each other and slept for 30 minutes. Then I ****** her in the doggie style. After that she took me to her living room sofa and make me to sit. She sat on the floor and sucked my **** and then she came on my top and ****** me. She was sitting on my lap and her boobs are in my mouth. She was riding me. We ****** almost 4 times that night. Next day morning she smiled at me and we ****** 2 times in the day time and once again 2 times in the night.

We enjoyed almost every weekend when my uncle goes for the trip. She said to that its her best experience that she had that with her husband. She also said that this is the first time she *** several times because of my great ****. I ****** her till I left India. Now we have phone sex, she fingers her *****.

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How old was she

why sir me?!. all of us are anonymous here. so no one even knows whether the given gender, age and other details are right

i think this kind of situation is seen in many common households but seldom known to others except those involved. who cares so long as it is a win win game

yes sir you are right thanks for comment

Hot ! Hot !! Hot !!!<br />
The young aunt is very hot and you are very lucky to have this aunt !

thanks very much