Married Life Fantasy

Her engineering completed and she got a job of 80000rs. It was much more compared to my 16000rs.
As she was earning she shifted to a bigger and better house. One day she called me over. She told me that she liked me amd ordered me to get naked, as she was financially more stronfer she became more dominant by nature. She then tied my hands over my back and took me to a bed where she tied me to bed. she burnt my clothes with her lighter she used for ciggerette smoking and then came to my room clothed and armed with a ******* *****. She ****** and anal raped me like a man. She then told me that for the punishment of raping her I had to marry her and be as her wife while she became my hubby. I had no choice but to be her housewife. She always wore manly clothes and became the man of the house. One of her friend one day helped me crossdress into a bridal saari and makeup, and took me to the mandap set at the house, where pooja was sitting in a sherwani. As she was tall and a little built, she could be easily mistaken for a man. She was looking very handsome and she said that i was looking really beautiful. We then married and she put sindoor in my maang and a mangalsutra around my neck. I was now her wife. Poojas friend after marriage gave me a lingerie and did my makeup for the first night with pooja. Pooja was waiting for me in the bedroom for our first night. We were married and were to spend our first nite. We first made love with me as the woman and she as the man and soon she got me naked and ****** me in the ***. This happened for 3 long hours and then we slept.
After the night from the next morning my new beginng took as a housewife. She was my hubby and i was her wife. Poooja transformed her name to pankaj and made my name to rajni. Now my surname was changed like every wifes surname is changed.
From that my daily routine was to get up early and prepare bedtea for her. Then to get ready have a bath get dressup in saari or salwar suit. Make breakfast for her and send her to office. clean the house wash clothes and do all the housework. then prepare for the dinner and wait for her to come. As she came i had to remove her shoes from her feet. I also had to have dinner after her and when we went to bed i had to rub her feet and give her legs a massage and had to touch her feet before we sleep. i was never allowed to *** or have intercourse with her as i was always in chastity. Only she used to **** me with her ******* *****. And from that day i was not allowed to call her pooja not even pankaj but only as ji.
Initially i was not able to copeup with my life but slowly got off well with it.
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nice story

u ****! u copied my story... *****......saali kutti randi

enjoy your life rajni

why she kep you in chastity not understand. is she is still taking reveng on you. How she punish/ beat you for not doing any house chore properely.