Hi I'm human
I have issues
I get anxiety
I make mistakes
I can't breathe properly half the time
I have issues with people
I have issues with myself
But I'm still alive
Sometimes I'm happy about it
Sometimes not
But not just "fine" and wouldn't say I'm great
But I'm okay and that's okay
I have dreams
I have hopes
I have crushes
I'm not perfect but maybe someone will love me for my imperfections someday
Today and tomorrow and yesterday and forever I'll just be me
But someone will love me one day
And people will hate me
Humans are humans
And there's nothing we can do about it
We'll all have bad days we'll all have good ones
We'll all have best friends, enemies and people we really haven't talked to
But don't give up the courage to say how you really feel
Cause someday you're not going to be here or they won't so don't forget to tell them
So live, laugh and love
Dance in the rain and sing in the shower but don't forget the words
I love you every once in a while
Don't hate or you won't have anything left to love
So find what you love and love it
till it kills you
But don't let it hurt you
18-21, F
Aug 1, 2015