Taking Pen To Paper.

Most days,most hours,i spend soaking in a hot bubble bath scented with lavender oil. In my bath i have no pain. Here i can stretch forward to loosen the tightness in my lower back. Releasing, relaxing, just breathing deeply. Breathing the time away. In a place where everything is okay. Lots and lots of time spent in my bed. Under covers,gazing out the window. The window open no matter the cold. I must have the fresh air in my face. I watch the light change, the shadows on the red rocks,the sky,trees and birds. Peaceful. I need to lay my head down against the dizziness. These are slow, quiet times. Many years i have craved a slower paced life. With less distraction, clutter, noise and waste. Now my time is spent going inside myself to that sacred place, the bless-ed place. Personal,yet universal. This is a time to heal, to feel, to dream and to connect to the spirit  within. Did i need an illness before i would allow myself this gift? How shall i create my future to include this most important aspect of living? I am learning who i am, who im not. What i want,and dont want. All this in the quietude, solitude,sanctuary of my being. Finding it easier and easier to stay in the magic where the most important truths are invisible. I am becoming whole.

sedonabreez sedonabreez
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2 Responses Feb 7, 2010

There's nothing like being in your thoughts. It's a wonderful serenity. They are times I figure things out that I would never would if I didn't take the time to stop and think. What's great about it is that I control the time, where time doesn't control me. Well written my friend.

There is nothing better than deep thought with a background of education and life experiences as ones starting post for absorbing realities. What most have no idea of whatsoever is that are minds are limited to what can be taken in or how it may enter. We can all enjoy dreams with relaxation along with some of the natural beauties and sounds of all creation. But that is all that we know without realizing in any way that what we love so much is nearing its end in ways that are far from what our minds have any wisdom with knowledge and understanding of because all beings either look only to themselves or man for what only the creator of all things can teach. Proverbs Chapter two is my only direction in life, therefore God has been my only teacher. <br />
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You take care as you breeze dona : >)