There Is A Time....

There is a time when you have to face the music and you have no other choice but to give it all you got just for survival purposes.  The power within ourselves, and outside of ourselves scares me and i don't embrace it as much as i should.  I am sick from trying to try.  when we grow from sleeping living beings to awake there is an amazing transformation that you go through, which i am going through right now. 

I am humbled by this experience because the spiritual enlightenment that i am being called to  takes away any vanity or any egotistical ****.  BUT, I want to hold onto it, it is all i know. or is it?   I do not know what it is like to really feel, to really experience. or is it my mind telling me to hold on so it doesn't lose power to my soul?  Though I am starting to understand with all my heart that the power within is all we need and it will protect  and nurture us as long as we allow it. 

Im thinking this is an experience that i am alone in and that is okay, but i also think, that everything that is going on right now, everything, we are all experiencing the BIG PICTURE together. And we are all playing our part in it.  its a pretty cool feeling.

marsblue marsblue
22-25, F
Mar 14, 2010