Yesterday I had a hang-over.  Recently I had several of them. 

For some people it's a torture.  I don't know exactly why.  Some complain about a headache.  I'm sure that must be terrible but it rarely happens to me.  Sometimes my hang-overs are mild, sometimes not.  It doesn't necessarily relate to what I've been doing the night before.  Nor am I complaining about them. 

Every party has to be paid for, that's elementary justice.  Moreover a hang-over is a reminder of all the fun I had, so I'm inclined to enjoy it.  A severe one generally refers to a wild night, so it's with gusto that first thing next day is a fight against a terrible thirst.  The cool, innocent liquid, be it water or milk or juice, descending to my intestines is heavenly.  To combat a deep thirst with a liter or two is almost a game and it can take time before it is finally conquered.  During the process, the body reacts with growing satisfaction. 

That's not the end of the affair off course.  There's also some kind of dizziness, often combined with clarity and a peculiar sense of humor.   Hilarious episodes of the preceding event revisit me. 

I know I have to take care.  I automatically do, forces as I am by my hang-over.  My body accepts only a couple of cigarettes and I don't touch alcohol except when circumstances necessitate it. 

If that happens I'm on my way to an even wilder night because a curious (and rather dangerous) aspect of the phenomenon is that a hang-over ceases as soon as I get a new drink. 


Yesterday I had a hang-over.  For a while I thought to write about it...

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Mar 2, 2010