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My paternal Grandmother was full blooded Hungarian.I am starting to learn more about the areas of Hungary where her parents were born.Her Father from Tiszadada,Hungary,her Mother from Debrecen,Hungary.Although I have ancestors from many different parts of Europe my Hungarian heritage is the one I feel closest to  and am most interested in.I'd love to visit there someday like my Grandmother did.I Have some interesting pictures from her trip to hold me over until.I'm also attempting to learn some of the language but it is extremely difficult.I love reading about the history of the country and people.I've found asking older family members for information is helpful in ancestry searches because sometimes the records you find(like on can be old and illegible and spelling errors of surnames).Naturalization records(death records) or books from historical societies of the the states they resided in are useful too.

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just like LaVioletFemme, I would also be happy to help you out if you haveany questions.

Zina4.Thank you for the comment and the offer of help on any questions.Much appreciated.

Your beautiful story touched me so much! My mother is from county Vas (Sárvár) and I live there too (in Szombathely) but my father`s family is from Debrecen and vicinity. You are right, the Hungarian culture, history is unique. The language is really difficult, but very rich and old. If you have a quesion or would you ask something, I help you gladly in anything!!