Just About Everyday... Hell, Yeah, Everyday....

It's what happens to me when I get drunk the day before... and I have BEEN drunk everyday for a while now... not at work, (although I dont know what my BAL might be in the morning, maybe still above the legal limit....) but for sure each night...

I don't INTEND to get drunk... but I have a drink and then a second and then some wine with dinner and then .... well,  I don't always remember the and then...

Sometimes I wake up in our bed and sometimes on the couch in the living room... once on a chair in the kitchen, once... well, I don't have to share that time...

It has to stop.  I know it has to stop. I have to stop.... gotta deal with this.

SaratogaGirl SaratogaGirl
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10 Responses Feb 19, 2010

{{HUGS Sara}} God Bless.. Keeping you in my prayers.

being aware that you have a problem is the first step.Deciding if you can go it alone, or get help is the next..drinking alone at home is just a way of dealing with something you dont want to face.lots of support groups out there. good luck if you need an ear I got two. smiles

I'm coping, I'm coping....<br />
<br />
(Do I really have your email? I think I forgot that.... but then, I tend to forget a LOT of things... damn... where' are my clothes, I did wear clothes this morning, didn't I? Damn, damn, damn....)

it's like I want to stop but dont know if I can face things when i stop....

Very true

I worked out why I was drinking, and dealt with that, and stopped, not entirely, just not dependent on it anymore. I wish you all the best x

That's horrible, SG, I'm so sorry.

hell, my drinking is almost all at home these days... I dont want to get another dwi....

Many people have been there, done that, so you are not alone. People will change on you if you keep up the drinking. Change to places that are nice but don't know anyone. You are getting to comfortable with the drinking place you are at now.<br />
The key is finding something that require your up most attention, and respect.

I know....thx