The past week, has been the most draining week of my life. I've put so much of my time and energy into a relationship, that wasn't even worth it. And I'm so frustrated and hurt, that I believed what wasn't even real. I don't know why I keep putting myself into bad situations.
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I joined this thing just to see if others are out there. It's tough, he just got a call that he is in "rank 1" and will be landing a perm. Position, all I want to do is be happy for him but I am afraid of the 6 week academy that may come. It's been a really rough year for us, and I'm still new to it. He was held on for 18 days and missed my birthday again this year, concerts, trips, plans, dates, events... All of the things that have been events in my life since we've started dating he's missed. It sucks cause he's getting held on and would like to be home but that doesn't change how heartbreaking it is when he's gone for weeks on end. I don't resent him I and afraid though that I am going to struggle once the call comes and the academy gets scheduled. Especially because he's limited term as of very recently so we were actually able to schedule a real vacation. I fear that it's going to happen again, last minute cancellation. I'm in a good place now but really want to get prepared and have a support system in place so I don't end up punishing him for being hard working. He's worked for this for so long and I just want to support him cause he'd do the same for me. Glad to meet ya ladies

I had the exact same feeling, but your prince charming is out there for sure! If you want to talk about stuff, would love to be a listener :)