His Emotional Affair Destroyed Hope

My story is pretty long and it's so sad. It could be a reality episode of Jerry Springer! LOL.  Anyhow, my husband of 13 years has been having an Emotional affair with a 17yr old girl that we know.  I mean the girl literally called us aunty and uncle. WTF! So, anyways it started off as texting in November 2011 right around Thanksgiving.  He was uneasy but told me about it and said that the girl liked him.  He said that it was just talking and he found it exciting.  I immediately went into defense mode and told him that he better quit it now before it's too late.  So, I thought it was over because I didn't see any activity on the phone bill.  Little did I know that they got crafty and went out and got a pre-paid phone to keep in touch. During the time of discovery, I find out that they were intimate atleast once.  That was a blow and very well set me over.  He still refused to give her up.  He says that it never was supposed to happen and he just wants to keep talking to her.  That was OUT OF THE QUESTION at this point.  I couldn't understand why he found it so hard to cut it off with her and that me and my kids didn't matter that much.  So, last week I find out that they are still in contact and I just got fed up and kicked his *** out!. I felt that all 6 months I was trying to fight for the marriage and do more things with him and restore what we lost.  While all the while, he was still talking to her behind my back. Since he left, he has not hidden anything.  I see the number of calls and texts from his phone and hers.  I have been tempted to text or call her but what's the sense.  I even had thoughts of giving her the beating of her young life! I can't because then I'll have a assault record against me and lose my job. 
I get lonely at night and I do miss him but I WILL NOT wait around for him to come to his senses.  I don't feel that my daughters should see his behavior and think that it is okay.  I do not want them to think that it's okay for husbands to cheat and wives have to sit back and be patient for their turn again. F that! I am bitter and hurt and I have been keeping my distance from him.  I don't text or call him at all. He will realize one day too late of what he threw away. Any hope of reconciliation has not been a thought.  He would have to be in total remorse, perform numerous miracles and it would take a long time for me to trust anything he says.  My trust in him or any hope to save our marriage has been destroyed.
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Hey there! I just want to tell you you are a strong person, and no one should play with your feeling like that. Wish you all the best in starting a new life...When he realizes that he gave up a family who loves him for an affair with an immature girl who can not give him what an adult man needs, it's gonna be too late