Well, Hell!

who could have thought i'll be writing again. anyways, here it goes. it just happened. i don't know who'll to get mad with, myself, my sister or my father.

i won't elaborate the problem but it was at first petty (not exactly) but it became big. my duty was soo already over and i'd done perfectly. i amde avideo for our business that is very needed now. so i did and it was perfect but when my sister burned it to a data dvd disc and took off to some place, things became a bit confusing. nothing on the burned discs were working, even in a computer. he yell at me the phone, using Filipino curse words an all that ****. well hell!! i don't know what to do. he like lost a lot of money needed for examinations. so it was very confusing and upsetting.

we tried to reason out that it was no one's fault but he continuously to blame us all. it wasn't like we tend to do it. and right now, i like have a lot of things to do at once. it's very tiring and patience consuming. i really don't know what to do. he threatened us to severely hurt us when he goes back. i'm not even sure if it will happen but hell!

it was no one's fault but he will find a way to make sure someone gets the blame.

ayomay ayomay
18-21, F
Feb 11, 2010