I Can Not Accept The Thought Of Both Of Us Sleeping Or Talking About Sex With Others

I recently left my husband because of the fact he would not let go of discussing fantasies that were always geared towards having sex with others. He always got off on the thought of me having sex with other men. It got so intense that I finally had to leave him. I attempted several times to appease him by going along with his fantasies. He always claimed that it had nothing to do with the end result or the actual fact that it even happened. (head spinning)

He explained it so that it was the ride towards this, slipping in a bit of reality that made it so exciting. Since we have seperated the inevitible finally happened as I always knew it would. I played along to see if he would really go there, my mistake but I always suspected that he was a sex addict in that he constanty *********** and was always online. One day he thought it would be fun for him to call one of his ex girlfriends who he claimed was open and kinky. While we were in bed he did this and got her on the phone to tell him what she wanted me to do. I was instantly sick and left the room. After that it was mind games. He always said he wanted me to find my sexualality.

After that i never trusted him again and eventually this behavior led me to leave. We kept up on the phone a while, until he told me he went online and met someone and went to their house to play but did not have sex. How stupid does he think I am? He claims he did this for me, for my excitement as nothing was suppose to touch our foundation no matter what either of us did. I hung up and have avoided his calls and emails since.

Am I going crazy? I have always believed he tried to get me into swinging since we married and he knew I had severe scars from past relationships from men who always cheated on me. I trusted him and yet again he pushed and pushed for this. Am I right by finally letting him go for good? I now hate men and have no desire to be with one ever again. Is this typical behavior of a normal man? I feel as though he disrespected me. He continues to call and for what? I can not go there as it crushes my insides too much. I honestly tried and each time on the edge I was crushed inside and can not go there ever. I do not believe if I tried to work it out that this from him would ever stop. Is it time for a divorce?

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Good for you for getting out. Real men don't share.