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so, we had an appointment today at 4:30 PM. I have only met with her three times so far, and have an OK feeling about her. A little before 4 PM, my brakes went in my car and I nearly had an accident. I called her at 4PM and told her why I was canceling. She didn't get back to me. I'm surprised.

What do you make of this?

Etesian Etesian
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5 Responses Jun 21, 2007

Hi, although this happened a while ago, it may still help you. Im a psychology student and have had experience with therapy. <br />
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1) It doesnt mean she doesnt care, always give a therpist 24 hours *at least* to get back to you.<br />
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2) You havent been in therapy for long, so there is more to build upon. Its very important to call or leave a message saying you need to reschedule and you have some important issues to talk about.<br />
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3) Tell her how you felt about her not calling you back. Be very honest and it can really help to open up other issues you can explore.

dodo, i gotta go another way on tihs one ... people who are in the 'care' of 'professional' others, would like to feel they are cared about beyond the time paid for. despite the fact apix did not actually get into an accident the affects can be quite devastating especially to the emotional state. surely ANY therapist would recognize this. when i had to go to therapy for PTSD rehabilitation my therapist called often to check on me in between sessions. she was marvelous but i was lucky with her and have yet to find another like her. she might well have been the exception. honesty is one thing ... brutality another. it doesn't mean you're any less truthful should you express yourself truthfully but with tact ...

Upon reflection, I realize what you've stated is right. Your point is well taken. What can I say, dude-I have issues, that's why I'm here. I guess at the time, I was hoping her concern for me would extend beyond 50 minutes. And no, I didn't crash, but when you step on the brake pedal in rush-hour traffic, and nothing at all happens, it kinda throws you. Thanks for your honest feedback, work on your delivery.

Why would it matter if she gets back to you or not? It's not like you *had* an accident. Unless your therapy with her is particularly related to this sort of situation, I don't see the revelence.

see if she doesn't call tomorrow (today) ... then we'll see ...