I told my boyfriend about my vision problem that i have been facing lately. He immediately started sticking out fingers at me and asking me how many could i see. I asked him as to how he would have felt, had i done the same to him. He said he was serious. He was concerned. I found it rather offensive. Very offensive. I mean, could it really be that he was concerned. If he was, he could have asked more about the problem, rather than doing something of this sort.
thelever thelever
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1 Response Aug 25, 2014

That was a **** move

And he was like, "How many fingers do you see?" .. Like, really ??? and he was acting so earnest !

Seems like a ***** to me, he should have been more considerate

Thanks for understanding the point ! cuz i had started to think that i was overreacting to the incident. :)