Please Pray For Jesse, My Son

Please PRAY for Jesse. He is my son. He is 20 years old. He posted a note on facebook at approximately 5:30 p.m. Then he left his apartment. Intentionally his keys and his roomates empty pill bottles were left on the keyboard of his laptop. The room mate had just seen him a block from thier apartment and did not suspect that Jesse was never intending to return. It's cold, and he has no coat, keys, money, or cell phone. His goodbye letter is for real, and not just a cry for help. He addressed individually by name everyone he knows with highly intelligent, insightful encouragement and love, even those relationships with people who chose to no longer associate with him. He consistantly expressed everything reffering to himself in only past tense. He spoke to ingestion of the drugs as "it is finished'. There was NO drama, and no self pity. Please pray God will help me hold my baby again. i love him so much!!!

Thank you all for your love and your prayers.

Thank God He Was Found!

See story i submitted on May 4th 2009.

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Thank You Aarron,<br />
Thank God he's been found. Thank God he's also a lousy chemist. Gotta love prayer.<br />
:)<br />

ill pray

If you have any idea where he might have gone, please do whatever you can to try and find him: call his friends, relatives etc....even call the police or 911.<br />
<br />
We can and will pray for both of you but taking action NOW might save his life. <br />
Think, where might he be, who can help you find him fast. Then, please call for help.<br />
Let us know how you both are.

you have to go and find right now would be good! ill say many prayers for you. on wednesday a friend of mine lost her 31 year old daughter to cancer, i cant bear the thought of another mother losing their child....God Bless you both